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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Honey Hijacking - Camp Boswell

I did it again.  I've let my blogging duties slip.  Honey sent this to me a few weeks ago but I'm the slacker that's just now getting it posted.  Heeeeerrrrreeeee'sssss Honey!

January has become annual Camp Boswell time for the Meabon children.  Jared has worked hard and been fortunate enough to be awarded incentive trips in each of the last five years.  Each January we have kept Harper while they have enjoyed a much needed week at a tropical destination.

This year, adding another little Meabon to the mix was going to make our babysitting duty a little more... consuming.  Thankfully Brooke and Jared thought ahead and flew Jared’s mom in to co-sit.  Now, what I’m about to tell you moms with more than one little oneis pure wisdom...a jewel, a pearl, a key to blissful living for everyone so read these next words carefully.  If at all possible, when leaving at least two very young children for more than 48+ hours at a time, having two grandmothers on hand is perfection. 

Daughters/sons we are too old, our bodies are too tired to do what you do as a parent. The current 58 is not really the new 40.  When keeping small children 58 year olds quickly age to about 65 year olds.  It’s not because we don’t love you or your children, we do, that’s why we beg to keep them.  The problem is our bodies can’t keep up with their energy level and when you multiply it by two...Holy Moly!!  So my sage advice to each of you Peep readers is:   Bring in those grannies and I say the more the merrier.  

Here’s a summary of our fun five days.

Grandy and I kept Harris from Friday night to Sunday evening.  Now, I will be honest and say that after knowing how little sleep has gone on in the Meabon household the last 10 months due to Cito being so prone to ear infections I was gearing up for a few sleepless nights.  I was also gearing up for some very active days with this little human tank plowing his way through, and I do mean through everything.  I did think ahead on this and will digress for a moment here to ask a simple question...What ever happened to playpens?   They were a magnificent invention, meant to keep your toddler out of harms way, yet able to be confined and entertained with whatever you chose to plop into the said “pen” with them… a great invention.  I was raised in a wooden one with slats, my children were raised in ones with soft see through mesh sides.  We are all perfectly normal functioning adults now, it caused no mental nor physical abnormalities in either generation.  All I can say is someone needs to rename them and BRING THE PLAY PEN BACK, you would make a fortune.  

Okay enough of that, so I thought ahead and went upstairs a week before the children were to come.  We already have a little Mouse House built into our eaves where the grandchildren all love to play but I felt the need for more space, with the little human tank coming.  So I took a closet and turned it into a little playroom as well!  I put in little drawers, shelves, a mirror, filled it with toys and voila I now have multiple play spaces to occupy busy little bodies.

Long story short, all my fears about Harris, not sleeping,  wanting only his mommy (not unusual for a 10 month old), getting another ear infection...Harris was a perfect baby boy.  He slept like a champ, he took two naps each day two hours per nap.  He cuddled and toddled from one play area to another.  We took long stroller walks, we swung and sang, we took fun baths after terribly messy dinners!  Every minute of keeping Harris was a joy and a delight and Sunday afternoon when I had to make the switch I must admit I did so reluctantly because I had so enjoyed our one-on-one time together. 

Then it was time for Harper.  I helped her pack her bag which was full of dinosaurs, Bruce the Rabbit, Soft Blanket, pull-ups, and a few clothes.  As soon as we got home Harper began constructing her Dinosaur Museum for Grandy, complete with dinosaur fabric that I had found to make her some big girl panties and a wooden spoon to begin her digging for dinosaur “rocks”.  Harper began to amaze and entertain both of us with her incredible imagination and sponge like little mind.  We had such fun washing dishes after meals, putting big girl panties on all the dinosaurs, cleaning up dinosaur tinkle, wearing nothing but big girl dinosaur panties, but not having anything to do with going to the potty.  Oh every minute was an adventure. 

The one-on-one time made all the difference in being able to truly enjoy the time we were able to spend with each child and not feel so strung out at the end of each day.  It was special time not only for Grandy and me but I think it was equally special for Harper and Harris.  Both children were able to have some wonderful quality time with each grandparent without having to share attention.  I’m telling you, this is a win/win situation and if you ever have the opportunity to try it out, do it.  I highly recommend it, as I can honestly say Grandy and I just had one of the most fun five days of our lives!

Much Love,

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