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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Freckle

Do you see it?

Look a little closer, it's there.

Ah, there it is! The first freckle.

It's not too often that one can say, "See that? That's was my very first freckle." I noticed this little one about a week ago. My first thought was, "Oh how cute! Her first freckle." That was quickly proceeded by, "Wait, a freckle? Is that weird?" Within five minutes, it had turned into "Oh no, maybe I haven't been diligent enough with the sunscreen. Could this be the first signs of melanoma? The sun is a totally different sun than I grew up with. Now it's taking it's toll on my 10 month old!!! DAMN YOU SUN! What have you just done?!?!?"

Okay, so I had a new mom freak-out. Or what I like to call a "first-timer" - you know, those overly protective-wouldn't make sense to a sane person-let's hope I don't think like this for any future Meabon babies-thoughts that go through your mind with your first baby.

After I talked myself down from the ledge, I went into my other crazy brain mentality. I am one of those people that goes through life stupidly scared. I think the masked man with a knife is hiding in every corner of my house to get me. I sleep with mace and a baseball bat. And what would the intelligent thing for a scaredy-cat like me to do? Why watch murder investigation shows on tv, of course! I love Investigation Discovery Channel, 48 Hours, Dateline Investigation and I secretly wish I was Aphrodite Jones. So when I saw that little freckle, I disturbingly thought, "Well, at least she has a distinguishable marker now." I think I've been following the Casey Anthony trial a little too closely lately.

But, here's the beauty in this sick mentality. I totally didn't register that (hello!) her belly would be her distinguishable marker. It wasn't until a couple of days later when I was changing her wrap that it hit me. I just don't think about Harper's stomach and the fact that it is different. Her omphalocele is as much to me a normal part of her like her arm or her nose. I can only hope that Harps has this lack of self-consciousness about her body. I pray that she will grow to see her scars as a sense of pride in the blessings that God gave her in life.

I recently heard a statement that I love and I think applies with my little Squirrel - she's a child that God smiled on.

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Pam said...

Welcome to the world of being a mom. Yes it's different with child #2.

I remember Mattie Sue's first freckle because Stacy called with great excitement that Mattie Sue got her first freckle. I never remember my girls 1st freckle. But as a Nama I was so excited.

Haven't heard about Malyn or Eli's first freckles. hummmm! First kid.

I'll have to look up freckles. Are they only from the sun?

Tootle Family said...

Brooke, that is hilarious. i remember Ryan's first freckle on his foot. I sort of did the same thing, except I remembered that I'm one big freckle.

now, he has these tiny, faint freckles on his cute little nose and cheeks.

boo and stacy said...

So sweet! On the nape of the little neck!!

For the record Nama, Malyn's first freckle just appeared and its on her hip. Eli is freckleless as of 7 months.

You will be glad you have alllllll this stuff documented!!!

Pam said...

Nama didn't get middle kids freckle news????