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Monday, December 5, 2011

16 months

An update for 16 months.  Harper:

- is picking up more signs. Recently started using fish, strawberry, light and dog.  We're working on lots of foods and animals but learning a little at a time.  

- seriously can't get enough of books.  She loves bringing books over to Jared or me, crawling up in our laps and flipping through them.  She can do this for almost 45 minutes.  She'll also disappear into her room and we'll walk in to find her surrounded by her books and she's silently sitting in the middle of them flipping through them one by one.  She can identify over 40 different items in her books when you ask her to point certain things out.  Excuse me, Harvard admissions, are you listening to this???

- likes making animal noises when we talk about the different animals.

- recently started rejecting proteins like chicken, hamburger patties, sausage, turkey sausage, etc.  Tonight we tried dipping her chicken in ketchup.  Bingo!  The chicken was devoured.  I see alot of Heinz in our future...and I'm not just referring to the Steelers' home field.

- still loves her babies and sleeps with Douglass the Monkey as her primary bedfellow.  

- still requires two pacifiers to fall asleep but we've been a crib-only paci household for quite sometime.  Trying to decide when to start fazing these out.  Thoughts anyone?  Before or after Numero Dos?

- really likes nativities.  I collect nativities and have them all set out for Christmas.  I figured I should get Harps a couple of her own so she has a felt nativity and a rubber duck nativity (yes, all of the holy family is represented as rubber ducks - could this be sacrilegious???).  She likes to tote Baby Jesus and the Wise Men around with her.
- has not touched my Christmas tree!  I didn't make any changes this year when putting it up and, sure enough, she'll stand in front of it and say "Oohhhh!" but hasn't had any attempts at attacking it in the week and a half that it's been up.  

- loves having tea parties with Honey and Grandy, as you can see in the pictures.  She has her own nativity to play with at H&G's house and they are, most definitely, invited to the tea party.

- is just starting to get some hair.  She's the only child in her class that's severely lacking in the crinigerous area.  There are a couple of curls (yes, I said curls - hooray!) coming in at the back but still not bow-worthy.  Bald is beautiful!

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